Notic Nastic – “Sunset boys”


BERLIN, Germany – For the video “Sunset boys” the berlin based Notic Nastic teamed up with their new friends Joshua Katcher and James Koroni. The video is about a race of super intelligent alien women, who come to earth in hopes of impregnating the earth boys with hope, smarts and higher vision for the future. It’s an artsy take on the revolution in action. Video artist Joshua Katcher (Nyc) is a fashion blogger, designer and was named “the new sexy vegan” by The Guardian.

James koroni is a choregrapher and founder of enforced arch, a nyc dance and performance community.

Notic Nastic, a music act from New york and Berlin, wants to inspire a positive change through positive action, and to do it with fun, glamor and style. Notic Nastic is passionate about consumer awareness, environmentalism, animal and human rights.

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