Fire Leap by Nan Goldin at Sprovieri Gallery, London

The fine art photographer Nan Goldin is currently having an exhibition in London at the Sprovieri Gallery in Mayfair. The artist shows images of children from 1978 until today because she is fascinated by their freedom and natural innocence. Photographing the children of their friends and also her godchildren, Goldin captures their raw emotions from wildness to melancholy. A series of landscapes are also part of the exhibition. All the photographs are unseen before and she is been taking them in the last 30 years: “They have been my secret work metaphors for loneliness… (I was) trying to break the glass between the outside world and me. I had lived in a dark space for 15 years so the landscape was unfamiliar to me, a fascination with an unknown world outside”.

Other photographs of the artist are also shown in the gallery.

The exhibition will run until the 6th of August 2011.