Someone who signs their emails with “Fashionably Yours,” needs a review on Livincool.

I met Maryam Moma, 27 year-old Tanzanian-Nigerian, at the beginning of March in NY. I was in Mulberry Street, Lower Manhattan, visiting Super!Market NYC, a cool boutique market, suggested by a good friend of mine who works as a designer for accessories and apparel in Belgium and Switzerland. Maryam’s curly hair immediately attracted my attention.

Gorgeous and friendly girl, Maryam Moma is the founder and owner of Yamerra, a brand of all natural skincare and haircare products, a line of luxurious, handmade, 100% all-natural organic items.

Yamerra is sold in New York City, Philadelphia, Nebraska, Dubai, Mexico City, Nigeria and Japan. They recently opened their first mini-store in NoHo, 684 Broadway Street, NY 10012.

Have a look to their great range of products, Yamerra’s lip balm is currently one of my favourite!