In Dalston with The Tricks

LONDON, Uk – Last Wednesday, we met The Tricks for a quick chat before their inaugural ‘BOP’ night at Hysteria in Dalston. BOP is a club night once a month in Dalston, run by the Tricks. BOP features other bands, DJ’s – chosen completely by them with the aim to make everyone dance. A new single by the Tricks will be released each month to coincide with BOP. The band was originally based in Hackney, videos featured on their website were shot on location in their original warehouse, although they’ve ventured a bit further from Hackney since they started. Not just to North London, where two of them now live – they have also made two trips to LA so far, to record some songs and are planning another trip this year. The guys talked about musical influences for a bit, and said that they’re most influenced by listening to other musicians talk about their practise – it helps to motivate them. Some highlights for the Tricks so far have been playing at Whiskey and Gogo in LA….and standing on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl (they managed to blag their way in by saying they were the band for the evening). Judging by last Wednesday, BOP night in Dalston is sure to be another highlight. Text by Vanessa Semmens Photos by Emanuele D’Angelo