A day in the life with: The Noisettes

On Tuesday 25th of January I had the opportunity to spend a day with the famous UK indie rock band The Noisettes. I stayed with Shingai (singer and bassist) and Dan Smith (guitarist) and their entourage at the Dorchester Hotel in London for the Sky Arts Awards, taking reportage/backstage photos of the band. A very special thanks to Haiti73 and Marc Marot. Continue to read the article to see my photos.

Arriving at The Dorchester…

Their suite looked very beautiful.

At the end of this corridor I will meet Shingai.

She was busy with her hair dresser, make up artist and stylist.

Her fitting room. Lots of shoes.

Getting ready for the show.

Their management outside make sure that everything will be ok for the band arrival to the awards.

The band arrives..

The red carpet..Shingai gives kisses to the cameras.

The room just before the awards.

The band, backstage, a few seconds before going live…

The show..

The show live on Sky Arts Channel.

The guests really enjoyed The Noisettes performance.

Shingai and her sister. Time to celebrate!

Time to receive the press..

Press room..

Time to chill with the other celebrities…

Rolling like a stone….

After a long day…time to take a nap!


All photos by Emanuele D’Angelo. All rights reserved.