Wolf. by Sofie Claes

Sofie Claes, an exhibitor at London Fashion Week FW ’12 is a designer of note from Belgium. Having studied at Esmod Paris and at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she currently runs her own atelier in Antwerp. Atelier – a word that is synonymous with quality and design.

Wolf. by Sofie Claes is a womans wear label with an accessories range. Her current collection was largely inspired by Malevich, whose paintings she discovered while visiting Düsseldorf – ‘It opened a whole new world for me’. Geometric shapes are also a favorite with Sofie, the square being the main inspiration for her first collection.

‘Strong and minimal’ is a summation of her aesthetic, the craftsmanship takes priority over following a trend. ‘My designs have to be pure and strong on their own’. The colours and fabrics are the secondary part of the design process for Sofie, but not secondary in enjoyment. Sofie prefers natural and pure fabrics – silks feature prominently in her designs. Although while visiting her space at LFW, a bag that took my interest used pony skin – which was also used in some of the garments.

A favorite accessory of mine was the necklaces inspired by the Belgian army tag, with of course a square shape. Traditionally the tag can break in two, so that the family could have part of it. This tag, while clean in design has an emotional background. Much like Sofie’s designs, which create a feeling like magic for Sofie, when the design process come stogether after months of preparation, – like a puzzle.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, each piece has an individual number – advertising the special quality associated with Wolf. by Sofie Claes. ‘Every design has to be perfect and worthy of existing and of being on the market’.