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Victoria Andrejeva’s entire first collection was selected by Dover Street Market to be sold exclusively at their London store, an indication that she was one to watch. Victoria is now stocked at the Comme des Garcons Trading Museum, DSM and LN-CC online, among others. Victoria recently had an exhibition in Paris, we caught up with her afterwards to hear more about the brand and what’s next.

How has being chosen by Rei Kawakubo for the Comme des Garcons Trading Museum impacted on your brand?

I remember it was an early morning when I heard the news from the CEO of Comme des Garçons, Adrian Joffe, by that time I was already excited about Dover Street Market selecting the entire first collection for their London store. The Part One – SS 2012 was displayed in both Paris and Tokyo Trading Museums along-side other designers whose work I find tremendously progressive and interesting, like Elena Dawson, Flat Apartment and many others.

I have always felt “affected” by the Comme des Garçons culture, so it was a sustainable stamp of approval. There was an immediate repercussion as well. Boutiques from all over the world who visited the Paris Trading Museum gotten in touch, and finally got the collection this season.

Are you still stocked at Dover Street Market? How did the exclusive with them come about?

Yes, you may still find Cherevichkiotvichki women’s and new men’s styles at Dover Street Market. The complete exclusive was only for the first season. Now you can find the collection in a few select stores all over the world, including an online exclusive with LN-CC.

What were your inspirations for the themes of your current collection?

A year is usually set with one theme. This way the collection can remain focused. I chose the subject of abandoned space, old age and texture for 2013. Always reminiscing for a utilitarian structure.

This season in addition to women’s and men’s styles I introduced bags and below the knee accessories to tell the full story.

How did it go in Paris? Was it a great success, was there a highlight?

To translate the language of Cherevichkiotvichki Part One – SS 2013, Studio Toogood offered their creative input and invaluable help. We transformed a container of old Soviet furniture into a heavy textured environment…it was a romantic and nostalgic effort.

There were a few dreamy moments in Paris, from receiving visits by some influential stores from Italy, US and Asia to getting a small exhibition space at Darklands in Berlin for the fashion week in January, and possibly a window in London.

The season has turned out to be much more than what I expected. It was a rough ride, as I do almost everything myself. All the members of my family were factory workers, so the notion that only with patience and hard work can come the desired reward is always present.

What are you doing now with the brand, what’s the next step?

Now is the intensive time of production for the current season and developments for the next one.

We are also preparing another Paris installation with Studio Toogood. This time it will involve Part Two – AW 2012 by Cherevichkiotvichki and the first collection of clothing by Toogood will be displayed in the same space.

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