Reykjavik Fashion Festival, Iceland 29th-31st March 2012

Did you ever seen a fashion show with models and kids dancing and singing? Well in Iceland I saw one and it was very impressive! I would say a unique fashion show experience by designer and illustrator Hildur Yeoman. Then other designers I liked were KALDA by sisters Katrin Alda and Rebekka Rafnsdottir (they might show at the next London Fashion Week) and also Ýr who her inspiration for the A/W 2012 collection is based on the self confident working woman who has everything under control and the perception of her. A woman with natural elegance, high profile and effortless style. At night we all ended up to Factory, an underground club in downtown Reykjavik were I found out that Icelanders party really hard, especially when at 5am I walked in the streets of downtown Reykjavik, normally a quiet aerea during the day but on saturday night was crazier than London Shoreditch during a normal weekend!

Special thanks to all the people involved in RFF for taking care of us and inviting me.

All photos by Emanuele D’Angelo