Milan Menswear Fashion Week- Jil Sander

MILAN – Jil Sander’s return to her label after seven years was pretty awaited, and her menswear collection, presented in Milan last Saturday was eponymous to everything that label Jil Sander stands for: elegance, minimalism and class.

The blazers were long, lean and double breasted, even sleeveless sometimes showing a ‘clinical’ shirt underneath with large, short sleeves. The long blazers and coats were balanced by the tailored shorts, just beneath the knees, which seem to be a statement of mens fashion for next season.

The silhouettes were long and elegant, the proportions were helped to perform their best by the colour matching, since bright colours on the top were balanced by dark ones used for the bottoms. Some patterned tops added a hint of playfulness but for the rest the collection maintained a very classic and minimalistic appeal.

Asked why she got back to work after a seven years leave, during which she collaborated with Japanese brand Uniqlo on capsule collections, the designer simply stated: “Because I love it.”

Welcome back, Jil.