Maarten van der Horst FW12 Interview

A few months ago, we interviewed Maarten van der Horst about his upcoming collection. He featured at London Fashion Week FW ’12 with Fashion East – a show that is regularly touted as the platform for ‘up and coming’ designers. A follow up interview was needed – we wanted to discuss further influences and what’s next for Maarten van der Horst.

Maarten’s collection was driven by his inspiration of Madonna’s ‘Fever’ on Saturday Night Live and he then added a love theme into the mix. “I wanted to do something that was both super sexy, risqué but disgustingly sweet”. The collection is intended to be versatile, for a girl who goes out and has fun. Essentially, he wanted to emulate Madonna’s live version of Fever.

Maarten “falls in love like twice a week” – something that is super sweet but simultaneously scary. The idea of bringing different ends of the spectrum together translates into other areas of Maarten’s life, when asked if he was a sweet or savoury person he replied “Oh god, start with Monster Munch end with Snickers”. Showing he cannot be happy with just one flavour.

The palette of the collection was largely pinks and blues, two colours that in Maarten’s opinion can be difficult to wear. Also, the shades he chose are more typical of a summer collection. But, in his eyes they reflected his theme best, so he endeavored to make it work; perhaps also distracting the eye with those high legged knickers. “My work starts with throwing certain subjects that would normally be perceived as bad taste against that background and I come up with something that is very personal and represents both of those sides”.

Maarten is a designer who follows his intuition, he is inspired by other designers – naming Louise Grey, but mainly he claims to follow his own dreams and reflect this in his work. These dreams are coming to fruition, recently he was recently chosen to be a part of Selfridge’s ‘Bright Young Things’, but don’t think that he’s resting on his high legged laurels – his Topshop collection will be launching in April.