Cadence at Dover Street Market, London

LONDON – Uk, Cadence, a bike wear brand started by Dustin Klein in 2003 is currently on exhibition at Dover Street Market.

Dustin Klein, from San Francisco started the brand as he saw a need for practical yet fashionable pieces for cyclists, he originally came up with the idea when he was working as a bike messenger.

The exhibition space uses broken down bike frames as rails – it keeps to the essence of the brand. The brand is bike wear without being obnoxious about it.

Kleins favorite parts of developing a collection are thinking through concepts – the only boundary is his imagination. Then the samples as ‘it becomes real, finally’.

Cadence has been relaxed in the process from 2003 to now – but now Klein feels that people are catching on and understanding the idea. Coming up, Klein will start to focus more on the DKlein brand (the moniker he uses when creating different art works).

Cadence at Dover with installation by DKlein – until August 31st.