Bruno Pieters and Honest by.

To be certain of what you’re doing you need transparency

Last week Livin’ Cool interviewed Bruno Pieters – a graduate from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and previous art director for Hugo by Hugo Boss. Clearly Bruno is already well established in the industry, January 30th 2012 was the launch of Bruno’s newest venture – Honest by.

Honest by takes a concept that has previously been termed ‘ecofashion’ further than before. It is a label that has 100% transparency (not regarding the fabric – although that could work) all the details of the production process are displayed for the customer to see. All details can be seen on on the product pages, without pushing them on the customer. The 100% transparency is a service provided to the customer, so that consequences of purchases are realised. Pieters does not term Honest by ‘ecofashion’ – he sees the concept of Honest by to be the normal way of working with fashion.

The original idea was to only be stocked online, but Honest by is now stocked in Brussels and there are plans for a showroom in Paris next fashion week. For growth to be realised, Bruno knows that more stockists are needed – so the creative platform provided for the collaborations can stay in place. More collaborations also bring growth – there will be a shoe collection in August.

Honest by presents a new collaboration every three months, it does not follow typical seasons. The second collection is with Calla Haynes (Bruno created the first collection). Each collaboration does not go live all at once, the idea is that new pieces are constantly going up on the website – there is always something new to look at. Calla Haynes’ collection has her first menswear pieces – certainly a coup for Honest by.

Bruno says that every day of the Honest by process is exciting and different – it has given him a reason other than ambition to work. This reason makes the long hours irrelevant and the enthusiasm contagious.