Cinema and indipendent arts in Rome : The Ex Cine Avorio reopens to Pigneto

Many cinemas in Rome have shut down and are shutting down to make room for multiplexes and bingo’s, but thanks to Umberto Massa, owner of an independent film production house (Kubla Khan) and creator, along with Mario Sesti, of Pantelleria’ s Film Festival “Visioni Perdute”, historic Cinema Avorio is reopening in October, ten years after its closure, in the Pigneto area in Rome.

Massa’s one is a form of cultural resistance, as he has decided to reopen the largest movie theater in the heart of the neighborhood of Pigneto with a new independent project, a new program and a new name. Film screenings, art exhibitions, performances, visual art, theater, live sessions, festivals, as well as readings, conferences and seminars: Ex Cine Avorio will be the new ‘container’ of art and knowledge of the city, a crossroads of cultures, worlds, visions, sounds, an alternative place of distribution of knowledge and a laboratory for emerging trends.
The idea of ​​Massa arises from the desire to give spaces back to inhabitants of the neighborhood and the city. It’s a cultural reference and a driving force in the transformation of the hamlet of Pigneto – district of the capital -, dear to the neo-realists and to new artists. In a stretch of Via Macerata, between the two streets Prenestina and Casilina, next to nice restaurants and old pubs, Indian fast foods and independent bookstores, African grocers and design workshops, the Ex Cine Avorio will not be just a movie theater, but a multipurpose space with a new point of view on film, music, and arts.