Xie Lei at La Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris

PARIS, FRANCE – La Galerie Anne de Villepoix is hosting the exhibition of a Chinese born artist and a recent graduate of the Ecole Nationale supériéure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Using oil painting as the main medium in his art, XIE LEI creates discrete and profound images, varying from the all surrounding bling and inviting only the most inquiring spectator. It is a must see for all of those who already forgot the power of the painting in the contemporary art.

Working in the pictorial tradition of the old masters, Xie Lei delivers a suggestive commentary on the contemporary world. The ambivalence, one of the main themes in his artistic vision, is reflected by a blissful blend of the past and the future. The modern technologies, networks of human figures and fluorescent accents evokes what is still to come, a futurist, cosmic image. On the other hand the representations of nature, vegetation and still life reminds of what is already far behind us, hidden in our most primitive instincts.

Yet the strongest element in Xie Lei work lies in the formal appearance. It is the color that makes his paintings so desirable, so hypnotic and powerful. Most of the images represent nocturne scenes characterized by the chromatic intensity of dark blue. The depth of the tones makes it almost possible to smell the scent and hear the sound of the depicted situations. It makes you want to dive into this oceanic abyss.

By approaching the modern style with the classical codes of painting, Xie Lei achieves a timeless imagery questioning the culture and society that we live in. He himself claims that his pieces have no direct message and invites the public to think of various interpretations. The exhibition is to see until November the 9th, every day from Tuesday to Saturday.

Pictures courtesy of Galerie Anne de Villepoix
43, rue Montmorency
75003 Paris