Klimt arrives in Venice

Last night i had a blast. When entering Museo Correr I found myself in front of the majesty of “The Frieze of Beethoven” by Gustav Klimt.

The beauty and significance of this painting completely bewitched me.

On the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gustav Klimt and a century after his acclaimed participation in the Venice Biennale (in 1910), the Viennese artist, considered one of the highest representatives of Art Nouveau and a great protagonist of the Viennese Secession, returns to our unique lagoon as the protagonist of an extraordinary exhibition, which will be held in Correr Museum from the 24th March to the 8th July 2012.

The exhibition presents an exceptional cycle of paintings, drawings, furniture and jewels, but also elaborate reconstructions and historic documents, centred on the figure of Klimt. Alongside Klimt, the exhibition pays homage to architect and interior designer Josef Hoffmann, who shared Klimt’s vision of art, influencing every aspect of modern life.

Gustav Klimt’s elegance, beauty and sensuality filled with symbolism, passion and eroticism, perfectly succeeded in expressing the spirit of the bourgeois and aristocratic world of his time, transforming it into a dream-like universe of magnificence and decadence.

A must-see exhibition for Spring/Summer 2012.