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James Blake – A Case of You

Brand new video from James Blake. The song is A Case of You from the Enough Thunder’ EP. Check it out Versione italiana dopo il salto ...

by Fabrizio Galati on Mar 28, 2013

Winter boots for the right woman

The woman has changed over the years. She loves to be a woman, a female but sometimes it is funny to transform style in something near to the man's world. Today we will present three pairs of ...

by Fabrizio Galati on Mar 28, 2013


Maarten van der Horst interview with

You give me Fever Maarten van der Horst listed Madonna singing ‘Fever’ on Saturday Night Live in 1993 as one of his current inspirations for the upcoming collection. ...

Livincool recommends: DRC Music’s “Kinshasa One Two”

[caption id="attachment_66272" align="aligncenter" width="520" caption="DRC Music "Kinshasa One Two""][/caption] What happens if you send Damon Albarn, Richard Russell, T-E-E-D and other ...

by admin on Mar 28, 2013

Kymatik Lab // Wear

The term “kymatik” refers to a theory that tries to demonstrate a morphogenetical effect  of sound-waves. If you put sand, powder or fluids on a metallic plate connected to an ...

by Fabrizio Galati on Mar 28, 2013

KITH x Pendleton Varsity Jackets

Be strong because no one can buy those jackets. They are almost sold out. But they are beautiful. KITH collaborate with Pendleton on a super cool varisity collection. Perfect patterns, colors and ...

by Fabrizio Galati on Mar 28, 2013

Steve Jobs – A Billion Dollar Hippy

He does not care about school, others' ideas and the market. He just trusts his dreams and visions. He has changed the roles of communication, music and computers. He was a billionarie Hippy. Mr ...

by Fabrizio Galati on Mar 28, 2013

Fabio Simone Rip-Off’s interview for

When I met Fabio Simone, I was in a bar in Rome and we had the opportunity of confronting on many interesting topics. I had the pleasure of observing in detail how he makes his shoes, starting ...

by Fabrizio Galati on Mar 28, 2013

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